Which CB radio channels can I use?

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Popular CB Radio Channels and What They’re For
CB radios are great. While most people have cell phones nowadays, cell phones can run out of juice or have spotty service. You don’t have that problem with a CB radio. Not only that, CB radios are great for finding out if anything’s happening on the road ahead of you or asking for help from other CB radio users or emergency lines.

But which CB radio channels can you use? And what do they do?

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CB Radio Channels and Their Uses
All authorized CB radio channels (1-40) are technically open for public use, but some have specific purposes and general chatter is usually not welcome on them. Here’s a table of all the special channels and their uses.

A few channels also can be used for SSB communication purposes. Those channels are 16, 36, 37, 38 (also LSB), 39, and 40. They function the same way as other public CB radio channels except they have lower and upper sidebands that can be used as well.

Best Spot to Put Antenna?
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Without a doubt, the best spot is in the center of your roof. If you can do that, then that’s what is recommended. However, for a lot of people, that won’t work. Many truck owners install them either in the engine bay or at the front of the box, right behind the cab. An antenna can go anywhere, though, so long as at least half of it’s length reaches above the roof.

Need Some Help Installing Your New CB?
Here at Trucks Only, if it involves trucks, we’re down. If you want a project done, like installing a CB radio and an antenna, then give us a call. A little short on cash? No worries. Trucks Only is glad to announce that we now accept Snap Finance and Synchrony Bank payment plans.

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