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Have you been thinking about upgrading from your old truck? Or maybe you want to downsize a little bit? You may be searching “where to sell my truck in Arizona.” No matter the reason, Trucks Only will buy your vehicle from you. With three locations spread across Mesa, Tucson, and Apache Junction, Trucks Only and Trucks Only Lifted has you covered. Whether you want to use your vehicle to get cash or to trade-in for another vehicle, Trucks Only will help you turn your used vehicle into something more.

Can I Sell My Truck for Cash?

A common question we hear at Trucks Only is, “Can I sell my truck for cash?” When you sell your car to us, the answer to that question is yes! You do not even have to purchase one of the vehicles we have in stock. You have the option of trading in your vehicle for any of the cars on our lot, but if you are not in the market for a new-to-you vehicle right now, we’d still be happy to take your truck off your hands for a great deal.

What is My Truck Worth?

If you are ready to sell your truck to a reputable dealership like Trucks Only, you may be asking, “What is my truck worth?” We have an online tool that will help you get an estimate in no time. Why should you sell your car to a dealership rather than trying to do it on your own?

  • We take care of the advertising for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about setting up test drives with potential buyers.
  • You don’t have to deal with the hassle of all the paperwork needed for a sale.
  • It’s quicker and more convenient.


No-Commitment Appraisal
The first step to getting value out of your vehicle is to find out how much it's worth. What is my truck worth? With our handy trade-in calculator, you can see how much your specific vehicle is worth. By simply entering your vehicle’s year, make, model, and trim, as well as basic contact information, you’ll get access to a comprehensive market value report. It shows supply, value-to-dealer price range, and demand index. And don’t worry, it’s no-commitment.
In-Person Estimate Review
Researching, "How to sell my truck for cash?" If you decide you want to sell us your vehicle, bring it over to one of our three locations. We’ll inspect your vehicle, review the trade-in appraisal, and make you a concrete offer. Once the offer has been made, the choice is yours. You are free to decline or accept. The offer will vary based on numerous factors, such as vehicle condition, mileage, etc.
Get Paid
Can I sell my truck for cash? When you decide to accept an offer, we will work with you to get your payment in the fastest and least complicated way possible. If you decide to buy one of our used trucks, you’ll be leaving that day with the keys to your new ride. If decide to take the money, then you’ll been leaving check in hand. Either way, you'll be happy!
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