Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Us:

1. Transparent Pricing:

We don’t have mandatory add-ons that are required to purchase. We don’t add window tint, paint protection, or any number of other products and then pass the cost on to you. Most dealers in the market now have these adds that can equate to thousands of dollars above their “advertised” price. The advertised price you see is the actual selling price.

2. The price is the same, whether you pay cash or finance:

The price you see is the price you pay. And yes, you can really buy it for that price. We don’t charge more if you want to pay cash or bring in your own financing from an outside source. If you need help with financing, we will work to get you the best rates and terms available in the market. We work with many different national banks, local finance companies, and credit unions to make your purchase fit within your budget. We can also work payment estimations without any impact to your credit by clicking HERE.

3. High trade-in values:

Most dealers are looking to “low ball” and “steal” your trade. We do a fair and accurate assessment of your vehicle’s market worth, and account for add-ons or other desirable features it may have. We calculate expected reconditioning costs and determine your vehicle’s fair market value. You can begin this process by clicking HERE.

4. Lifetime Engine Warranty:

For over 20 years, Trucks Only has offered our exclusive Lifetime Engine Warranty free of charge on most vehicles we have sold. We have replaced hundreds of engines over the years for our customers at very minimal, and even no cost to them. With engine replacement costs skyrocketing, this is an added peace of mind for those intending to keep their vehicle for a very long time. You can learn more about the Lifetime Engine HERE.

5. Reconditioned vehicles:

We recondition our vehicles far beyond the basic standard of other dealers. While most dealers are looking to cut costs everywhere they can, we continue to recondition our vehicles to our consistent high standard. Come see our vehicles in person and you will understand.

6. Variety and Selection:

Whether you are looking for that cherry 15-year old diesel 4×4, or an almost new small SUV, chances are Trucks Only will have it. We carry nearly 400 vehicles in inventory. We carry big and small, gas and diesel, and stock and lifted. Shop our extensive inventory HERE.

7. Customer reviews and time in our community:

The roots of Trucks Only were formed over 50 years ago. We are a family owned and operated business, with a solid foundation and plans for the future. We have thousands of legitimate 5-star reviews from families that have bought from us over the years and continue to come back and see us time and again. We are thankful for the relationships we have built in the past and look forward to building new ones in the years ahead.