What Are the Different Kinds of Trailers?

March 3rd, 2020 by

Towing and trailering are two of the most important jobs a truck can take on. Most people buy a truck expressly for those purposes. Some SUVs are strong and capable, but nothing compares to what trucks can do. Of course, it’s not as simple as buying a truck and hitching any trailer to it.

If you’re just beginning your journey of trailering, then you should know that there are a few different ways to haul things. It’s important to note which kind you will use and which kind your truck can handle. We’ll look through the two main types of trailering and how they differ.

Gooseneck versus Bumper Pull Trailering
Using a bumper pull method seems the most straightforward method of hauling trailers. Most trucks, and some SUVs, have a ball hitch that you can attach a trailer to. The trailers with this kind of hitch are smaller and more lightweight. It won’t be able to tow as much, but it is more cost-effective and won’t weigh your truck down as much.

2018 Ford Super Duty pulling a boat

2019 Ford F-250 hauling a boat

The other method of trailering uses what is called a gooseneck trailer. This trailer has a long neck that reaches over the tailgate of a truck to attach to the bed of the truck. A trailer like this is usually bigger and able to handle a bigger payload. It is also more stable as it centers the weight of the trailer on your truck’s axle rather than its bumper. Gooseneck trailers are slightly more expensive because of their larger size and construction.

How Does Towing Lower Fuel Economy?

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