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Even though there are millions of vehicles on the roads of and all across the United States, many drivers are unsure about the flex fuel meaning and how it can affect their daily drives in and beyond. What is a flex fuel vehicle? The team at Trucks Only discusses this innovative technology and what it means for drivers.

What is a Flex Fuel Vehicle?

So, what is a flex fuel vehicle? Flex fuel vehicles run on any combination of gasoline or ethanol up to 83 percent. However, what makes this a bit confusing is the fact that the fuel is called E85. Flex fuel technology is possible thanks to the second-generation on-board diagnostics computer system (OBD-II). The system was developed in the mid-nineties, and it uses sensors to detect what kind of fuel is being used. The system will adjust performance accordingly based on the fuel’s ethanol content. The more ethanol in the fuel, the more the vehicle can maximize efficiency.

Benefits of a Flex Fuel Vehicle

  • Ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline, so the use of flex fuel is better for the environment. Since less gasoline is burned, fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted.
  • Ethanol is produced using corn and sugarcane, so it reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Many drivers may even enjoy tax benefits by driving a flex fuel vehicle around Mesa and beyond.

Disadvantages of a Flex Fuel Vehicle

  • Because flex fuel absorbs dirt and contaminants more easily than regular gasoline, you need to keep an eye out for corrosion.
  • Flex fuel can be a bit more costly and hard to find.
  • The use of corn and sugarcane for ethanol production can indirectly lead to higher prices for products like animal feed because a large quantity of ingredients is being used to produce fuel.

Ask Us About the Flex Fuel Meaning at Trucks Only

If you still have additional questions about the flex fuel meaning, do not hesitate to reach out to the automotive experts at Trucks Only. We can also get you behind the wheel of a flex fuel vehicle for a test drive to experience the perks firsthand. Explore our inventory online today, and don’t forget to peruse our current specials.


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