Do I need a winch for my truck?

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Do You Actually Need a Winch for Your Truck?
If you’ve ever owned a truck or heavy-duty SUV, you’ve probably considered getting a winch for it at some point. We’re here today to figure out if you actually should get one.

Do you need a winch on your truck?

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Should You Get a Winch?
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If you do any off-roading at all, for work or for leisure, yes. Similarly, if you have a work truck, a winch can be a great addition. If you’re mostly an asphalt warrior though, you probably don’t need one. A winch may help you get unstuck in really bad road conditions (like snowstorms for our northern neighbors), but you won’t get much—if any—use out of it otherwise. If you do decide to get a winch, know that both metal and synthetic cable winches are relatively high maintenance. They should be cleaned after every use. Not properly maintaining a winch can lead to cable failure, which could easily be fatal for a bystander or your truck.

Choosing the Right Winch
There are seven different kinds of winches: electrical, mechanical drum, mechanical capstan, hydraulic, mechanical hand-operated, mechanical portable, and hybrid. All winches have advantages and disadvantages. On top of that, there’s either steel or synthetic cable to choose from, each with different types of care required. You also have to consider how to mount your winch. An improperly installed winch can lead to major vehicle damage, especially in extreme off-road situations. Whatever you do, don’t choose a winch without consulting a professional first.

Need Some Custom Work Done?
Here at Trucks Only, we live and breathe pickups. Whether it’s a beat-up workhorse or a kitted-out overlander, we love it. If you have a vision for your truck that you want some help with, give us a call. We can help you get that DIY project started or have our professional team install it for you. We now also offer auto service and customization financing, to help you get those repairs or projects done.

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