Are diesel trucks more expensive to insure?

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Diesel Trucks Costs: Insurances, Maintenance, and Fuel
Diesel engines, while not rare in the States, are usually reserved for trucks. As a result, the difference in owning and operating costs for diesels aren’t common knowledge here like they are in more diesel-friendly countries. Some costs are higher, some costs are cheaper.

For example, are diesel engines more expensive to insure?

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Insurance Costs
While it depends on your insurance policy and provider, on average, diesel trucks cost 10%-15% more to insure than their gas counterparts. The reason for the added cost is probably not what you’re thinking though. Diesels engines cost more to produce than a gasoline engine, which raises the price of the vehicle. The more expensive a vehicle, the more insurance costs generally are. Buying a used diesel truck is a good way to lower that insurance cost.

Maintenance Costs
Diesel engines are a little strange. They require more regular maintenance, but they also last a lot longer. There are numerous instances of diesel engines going strong past the 1,000,000-mile mark. As a result of that longevity, diesel vehicles have higher resale value than vehicles with gas engines. This resilience is thanks to things like cylinder liners, which can be removed and replaced instead of having to purchase a whole new engine.

Fuel Costs
This is probably the most well-known benefit to owning a diesel truck: they’re way more fuel efficient. Where most modern day gas V8s (even with mild hybrid systems) top out at the low 20s for highway mpg, diesel engines usually end up somewhere in the low-to-mid 30s for highway mpg. Regular gas engines spin roughly twice the RPMs that diesels do in any given period of time, which burns fuel faster.

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