How High Can Your Truck Be Lifted Legally?

2021 Ram Lifted Truck

At Trucks Only, a common question that we get from drivers around Mesa and Apache junction is, “How high can your truck be lifted legally?” In Arizona, there are no maximum frame height restrictions or body lift/bumper height restrictions. However, there are a few laws to be aware of to make sure your vehicle is compliant with local regulations. Trucks Only has the details below.



Arizona Lifted Truck Regulations

In Arizona, drivers are free to install aftermarket wheels, tires, grille guards, performance shocks, and bumpers. Suspension lifts are allowed as long as drivers also install mud flaps and fenders.

Other vehicle restrictions in the state of Arizona include:

  • In Arizona, the maximum single vehicle size is 102 inches wide, 13’6” tall, and 40 feet long.
  • Additional auxiliary lights can be installed, but the maximum number of lights that can be turned on at the front of the vehicle is 4.
  • Any type of exhaust cutout or bypass is prohibited.
  • Brakes are required on all 4 wheels.

Your Lifted Truck Options

When it comes to lifted trucks in Tucson, you have a few options for customization based on your desired results.

  • Leveling Kit: The purpose of a leveling kit is to even out differences in your suspension or to raise the height of a truck by a few inches. Leveling kits can also counterbalance a winch, which can weigh down one end of a truck.
  • Lift Kits: Smaller lift kits raise your truck by about two to five inches. Larger lift kits raise your truck by over six inches.

If you opt for a lift kit, a body kit raises the body of the truck and allows for bigger tires. Suspension lift kits are generally used if you plan to do a lot of off-roading around Apache Junction and Mesa.

Learn All About Lifted Trucks at Trucks Only

Now that you know how high can your truck be lifted legally, you may have other questions about lifted trucks and what your options are for customization. The team at Trucks Only would be more than happy to help you. Not only do we have a number of lifted trucks in-stock, we can also help you upgrade your current ride. Reach out to us today for more information or continue your lifted truck research.


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