How do I know which ball mount I need for my truck?

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How to Pick the Correct Ball Mount for Your Truck and Trailer
Want to take your brand-new boat out? Or maybe you’re moving and need to hook-up a U-Haul trailer? Regardless of what you need it for, a ball mount will probably be the way you do it. But how do you know which ball mount to use? Let us help.

Here’s how to find which ball mount you need for your truck.

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Measuring for the Right Ball Mount
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For this guide, you’ll need to know how much your trailer weighs and what your truck’s hitch weight rating is before starting. The only tool you’ll need a tape measure.

Measure your hitch receiver. The ball mount you insert into your hitch receiver needs to be the correct size. 2” receivers are common on SUVs and light-duty trucks. 2½” receivers are common on heavy duty trucks. Every ball mount has a shank that inserts into the receiver. The shank measurement needs to match the hitch receiver measurement.
Measure Receiver Height. Use the tape measure to measure from the ground to the top inside edge of the receiver.
Measure Coupler Height. Level out your trailer and then measure from the ground to the bottom of the coupler.
Calculate Rise/Drop. Subtract the receiver height (B) from the coupler height (A) to get rise/drop (C). Round C to the nearest number: below .5 rounds down, equal to or above .5 rounds up. So, A – B = C. If C is negative, then you’ll need a ball mount with C” drop; if C is positive, then you’ll need a ball mount with a C” rise.
Example 1. B = 23.5 inches, A = 15.25 inches –> 15.25” – 23.5” = -8.25” –> 8” drop
Example 2. B = 20 inches, A= 21.75 inches –> 21.75” – 20” = 1.75” –> 2” rise
Locate Ball Mount Diameter. Each coupler either takes a specific ball size or is adjustable. The necessary ball size should listed on the coupler. If it isn’t, check the underside of the coupler for an adjustment nut or consult the trailer’s manufacturer.
Match Shank Diameter to Ball Mount Hole Size. Often times, the ball of the ball mount will come with the hitch. However, if you’re buying a separate ball for your hitch, you’ll need to make sure that the ball shank’s diameter fits into ball mount’s hole snugly.
Still Unsure?
If something doesn’t seem right, give Trucks Only a call. Our fantastic service department can walk you through the process or even install it for you. If you need some help properly installing your ball mount, consider scheduling a service appointment.

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