Ford F-150 vs Ford SuperDuty

Towing and hauling aren’t easy tasks. You need a big truck that is able to do some heavy lifting. SUVs and sedans aren’t going to be able to handle this kind of workload. The kind of work that you need to do can only be handled by a truck. 

So, how do you decide which truck you’re going to use? There are a lot to look at and think about. Many people know that Ford makes great trucks, like the Ford F-150 or Ford SuperDuty. What are the differences between the F-150 and the Ford SuperDuty? We’ll show you how these trucks differ so you can make sure you’re getting the power you need. 

Ford F-150 


Ford SuperDuty 

3.3L V6 

Engine 6.2L V8 


Horsepower 385
265 lb-ft  Torque 430 lb-ft 
12,700lbs  Towing capacity 15,000lbs 


Ford SuperDuty Features and Specs 

Both of these trucks offer a solid foundation for any driver. The only difference is how much power the truck provides. The Ford SuperDuty line of trucks are built to take on anything and everything imaginable. It’s hard to imagine a job that a SuperDuty can’t handle. The cabin is also filled with high-quality materials and features. A SuperDuty is the perfect work companion because it is able to do any job you put in front of it, but it’s also an engaging and fun truck to drive. It’s a serious truck made for serious work, but it also takes time to take care of its driver. 

Test Drive a Ford SuperDuty in Mesa, AZ 

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