Diesel Trucks vs Gasoline Trucks

There’s just something about having a big diesel engine that feels good. A big, rumbling engine feels much more powerful than a regular one. The bigger the engine, the more powerful it is right?  

Is there really much of a difference between gas and diesel engines though? It seems like an engine is just an engine. The only difference is the fuel you put into your truck, right? The type of fuel you put into your truck, obviously, has a big effect on the performance you get. Let’s see whether having a gasoline or diesel engine is the better choice.

Diesel Engines versus Gasoline Engines

The first question that will pop into everyone’s mind when they ask this question is, “which one is more efficient?” You might think that a gas engine would take this easily, but the Department of Energy estimates that diesel engines are 30 to 35 percent more efficient. They are also a bit sturdier than gasoline engines with a longer life expectancy. That longevity is thanks in part to the sturdier parts diesel engines are made with. Diesel engines are also a lot more powerful on average. 

Gasoline engines do have some benefits. They are often more affordable to start, and fuel costs are lower. Overall, maintenance costs are also lower on gasoline engines. The big thing to think about when deciding between gas and diesel engines is how many miles you’re going to put on it. If you’re going to be putting over 30,000 miles over it annually then diesel is the way to go. 

Diesel Trucks in Mesa, AZ 

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