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How Do I Know If I Can Repair A Tire?

It can be a difficult thing to try and take of a car yourself. Whether or not you are handy with a set of tools, it takes a lot of work effort to do any repair. Oil changes are one thing, but the bigger projects take a lot of time, parts, and effort. Maintaining a car is no easy task. 

That said, most people will still want to try and do as much as they can for themselves to keep costs low. Replacing a tire is easy enough, but knowing when to replace it and when to repair it can be a bit trickier. Let’s take a look at a few situations and see when a tire can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced. 

When Can You Repair a Tire? 

Tire punctures are one of the most common things to go wrong with a car. It happens easily and often without you even noticing that it has happened. What do you do in a situation like that? The first step to any repair is to assess the damage. Location is the biggest factor in deciding whether or not a tire can be replaced. A puncture in the sidewall or shoulder of the tire cannot be repaired, it has to be in the tread area. 

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If the puncture is less than a quarter of an inch in diameter, then it can be plugged or patched. It is important to remember that any repair work isn’t meant to last for a long time. These repair measure will get you up and going, but you should get a new tire on your car as soon as possible.  

Common Truck Repairs to Look Out For

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