2018 Ford Super Duty hauling heavy machinery

Do I Want A Truck With A Lot of Horsepower or Torque?

We check into every detail of a car or truck during the research phase. It’s important to make sure everything is up to your standards. There are a lot of numbers to look through, so how do we figure out which number is the most important?

What you intend to use a vehicle for will have a big impact on what feature is the most important. How your vehicle performs is pretty important, but is horsepower or torque the more important number? Of course, it depends on what you’re using your car for. What exactly is the difference between horsepower and torque?

What is More Important: Horsepower or Torque?

Torque is all about generating low-end power. It’s good for getting your vehicle in motion and on the move. Torque is good for trucks that need to pull a lot of weight around. In simple terms, you can think of torque as a measure of how much work your vehicle can do.  A healthy amount of torque is what pulls you up hills and helps you haul trailers around.

2018 Ford Super Duty going through a river

2018 Ford Super Duty hauling a boat

Horsepower is all about speed and keeping your car moving. In general, more horsepower means you’re getting a faster car. A healthy amount of horsepower gives your car or truck good acceleration and speed. Horsepower and torque peak at different points in your engine, so it’s important to really think about how you are going to use the truck. They are both important for your truck, but which is going to better for you?

What Features Are Important For a Truck?

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