2019 Toyota Tacoma white front view in water

Import truck brands available in Mesa, Arizona

What import brands make pickup trucks

Everyone knows the big three when it comes to trucks. You have Ford, with the F-150 and the Super Duty models, you have Chevy and GMC with their Silverado/Sierra and Colorado/Canyon models, and you have Ram, formerly known as Dodge Ram with their 1500 and larger models. That’s not all the pickup truck brands though. See what we mean as we show you what import brands make pickup trucks.

Japanese truck manufacturers

Currently, the only other country that is producing trucks that are available in the U.S. is Japan. With that in mind, it’s probably easy to guess what the manufacturers are. In all, there are three with Toyota being the most obvious followed by Nissan and Honda.

2019 Toyota Tacoma white front view in sand

Toyota trucks

Those looking for an alternative to the American brands often turn to Toyota first. With the small Tacoma and the powerful Tundra, it’s easy to see why. Though they aren’t as big in sales as their American counterparts, Toyota is easily the most popular import truck brand currently.

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2018 Nissan Titan XD yellow front view

Nissan trucks

Nissan offers three trucks stateside. It has the Frontier, which is a small truck that competes with the Tacoma and the Canyon/Colorado. Then it has the Titan and the Titan XD which you can think of like the F-150 and the F-250, though the Titan XD can’t quite tow as much as American models.

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2019 Honda Ridgeline silver in mud side view

Honda trucks

Currently, Honda only makes one truck available for sale in the U.S. and it’s called the Ridgeline. They made the truck from 2006 to 2014 before taking a short break and coming back with the Ridgeline in 2017. With its short bed and spacious cabin, it’s essentially an SUV with a bed.

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VW Atlas Tanoak concept red back viewWhat trucks can we expect in the future?

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a new pickup truck not that long ago, but it will likely never come stateside. Don’t worry though, it’s really just a luxury version of the Nissan Frontier. Volkswagen, another European company, has no concrete plans to bring out a new truck, but they do keep gauging interest with concept trucks like this one.

Why aren’t there more import trucks?

The reasons you don’t see the import brands coming in fast and hard with trucks as they have with SUVs and cars is simply that the U.S. charges a hefty tax specifically on imported trucks. It’s actually called the Chicken Tax, and it’s a 25% tariff that the U.S. imposed in 1964 as a response to Europe heavily taxing our chicken exports. It’s a strange world.

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