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How Do You Pull a Trailer With Your Truck?

The weekend is finally here, or maybe it’s almost here. No matter how far away the weekend is we are always excited for it to arrive. The weekend brings on a lot of fun and big plans finally coming to fruition.

Sometimes we need something a bit more than just a couple days off from work. If you have a truck, then maybe you hook up the trailer or camper for a weekend trip into the wilderness. An escape into the great unknown can be refreshing, but if you’ve never pulled a trailer before you might want to be careful. There are some important things you want to consider before you head out.

How Do I Pull a Trailer with my Truck?

The first thing you will want to be aware of is how exactly your truck does the towing. There are conventional, fifth wheel, and gooseneck towing trucks. Each option has a different focus and capability, so always make sure to double check before you hook everything up. You’ll also want to be aware of what type of class hitch you have with a conventional towing setup. A higher class number generally means it can tow more. It’s also important to check all the wiring and make sure you have the right connectors for your trailer, so the people behind you can stay safe.

2018 Ford Super Duty pulling a boat

2018 VW Atlas pulling a trailer

If it’s your first time towing something, then you might want to check with a mechanic or install some helper springs yourself to avoid wear and tear on your shocks. Your truck is going to work a bit harder under the strain, so giving it some help will help you in the long road. The best thing you can do is double checking all of your equipment and making sure you take all of the precautions necessary. If you do that, then your truck should be fine.

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