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How Do I Keep My Truck Looking Clean?

There are essentially two opinions when it comes to how we want our cars to look. Some people love the shine and sparkle of a freshly washed car. Others like having a dirty truck to show off all the fun you’ve had and work you’ve done.

For those of us that prefer a clean car, it would be nice if stayed clean for longer than a day. Sometimes it feels like your car or truck is covered in dust the moment you leave the car wash. It can be hard to keep your vehicle always looking nice and pristine, but there are some proactive steps you can take.

How To Keep Your Car or Truck Clean

It’s almost impossible to keep your vehicle completely clean all of the time. You can do small things, like waxing your car after washing it, to keep it looking as clean as possible. Taking the time to wax your car also helps it stay clean, and your vehicle will be easier to clean next time as well. If you can park your car in a garage or covered space, that will protect it from the dust and dirt collecting overnight.

Man wiping down his car by hand

Buffering wheel polishing a car

There are a lot of products out there that can help prevent mud and dirt from building up. You can also find some home remedies like treating your truck with WD-40 to keep the dirt off. Treating the exterior of your car or truck will help keep it clean because it prevents the dirt from sticking to the paint. Of course, you can always just hose your car down every few days to keep it clean as well.

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