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Are There Different Ways to Lift a Truck?

There is a wide, wide world of customization options out there. Aftermarket parts and accessories are a great way to get the car you always envisioned. If you have a specific hobby or job you need to get done, it’s hard to find a vehicle that exactly matches what you need.

Trucks offer a lot of leeway when it comes to customization. Mesa has a lot of great trails and off-road paths nearby that drivers love taking advantage of. Some drivers like to be sure their truck can handle it without any trouble. You will see plenty of lifted trucks out there, but what you might not know is that there are a few different ways to lift a truck.

Pickup Truck Lift Kit Styles

First, we should discuss the benefit of getting a lifted truck. Lift kits give your truck a taller profile and higher ride height. This means you can fit bigger tires onto your truck, but more importantly, it keeps your truck from bottoming out as easily. The biggest danger when going off-road is scrapping the bottom of your truck against the rocks. Performance and off-road tires are often larger than your standard tires, so having that extra height will make it easy to install them.

2018 Ford Ranger custom build

2018 Ford SuperDuty going through a river

You have a few different options when it comes to adding that height to your truck. Aftermarket torsion keys can give you a little bit of a height boost and can help provide a smoother ride. Leveling kits are a very universal way to boost the truck’s height, as well as using a body lift kit. Premium lift systems are the combination of leveling and body lift kits to help really make your truck taller.

Why Buy A Lifted Truck?

Truck Customization Services in Mesa, AZ

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