2021 Ram 1500 TRX parked in dust cloud

Are LED headlights better than regular ones?

LED Headlights vs Halogen Headlights: Which is Better?

If you’ve ever driven on a rural backroad when there’s no moon out, then you know exactly how good your headlights are. Traditional halogen headlights just don’t cut it in every situation. There are alternatives, though. The most popular non-halogen headlight is the LED.  

But are LED headlights better actually better than regular ones?

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2020 GMC trucks lined up on sales lot

Do luxury trucks exist?

Do Any Auto Companies Make a Luxury Truck?

There are plenty of luxury SUVs out there. In fact, luxury SUVs are some of the best-selling models for luxury brands. You’ve probably seen a few luxury vans too, like the Mercedes Sprinter van. Luxury semis are pretty common too, like those made by Volvo and Mercedes. But when was the last time you saw a luxury truck?

In fact, have you ever seen a luxury truck? Do luxury trucks even exist?

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CB radio on top of wood and glass

Which CB radio channels can I use?

Popular CB Radio Channels and What They’re For

CB radios are great. While most people have cell phones nowadays, cell phones can run out of juice or have spotty service. You don’t have that problem with a CB radio. Not only that, CB radios are great for finding out if anything’s happening on the road ahead of you or asking for help from other CB radio users or emergency lines.

But which CB radio channels can you use? And what do they do?

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mechanic with clipboard doing inspection

What to do to get my vehicle ready for fall?

The Autumn Auto Tune-up Checklist

When it comes to fall, it’s important to make sure your car or truck is ready for it. And while we here in the Southwest may not get as cold or have as much rain or snow as our northern neighbors, it’s still important to make sure that your car is ready for the season.

Here’s how to get your vehicle ready for fall and winter.

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passports sitting on map

Popular trucks not available in the US?

4 Cool Trucks that We Wish were Available in the States

It’s long been a fact of life that the US doesn’t always get the same vehicle options as the rest of the world. A lot of times this has to do with market research done by auto makers and the expected success of particular models. Sometimes, that means we miss out on really cool stuff.

Today, we’ll take a look at four popular trucks that aren’t available in the US.

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2021 RAM 1500 TRX doing a burnout in sand

Is the RAM TRX better than the Ford Raptor?

RAM 1500 TRX vs Ford F-150 Raptor: Which has More Power?

The 2021 model year is shaking things up in the auto industry. With Ford introducing the Bronco to compete with the classic Jeep Wrangler, both companies are fighting to tap into a specific market. The same goes for the performance pickup segment. For a long time, the F-150 Raptor was the only serious racing-ready truck. However, on August 17th, 2020, RAM officially revealed the 2021 RAM 1500 TRX performance truck.

That begs the question: is the TRX better than the Raptor? Let’s take a look.

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climate controls close-up

How to fix the A/C in my truck?

Broken A/C? Here’s How to Diagnose and Fix It.

Summer can be brutal, especially in places like our home state of Arizona. The last thing anyone wants on a hot day is to get into their 100° F (or more) vehicle and find out the A/C is busted.

But what if you’re already in that unlucky position? How do you deal with? Here’s how to fix a malfunctioning A/C system in your vehicle.

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