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Pre-Owned dealership in Mesa, AZ

A dealership entirely devoted to selling pre-owned trucks? Could there be anything better? At Trucks Only, we started doing just that 45 years ago and we’re still going strong today. With three different locations in Mesa, Apache, Junction, and our new Commercial Department, located next door to the Mesa lot in our Service and Accessories Center, we are one of the largest suppliers of pre-owned trucks in the area. No matter what size or type of truck you need, it is a safe bet that we have the truck you are looking for on one of our lots!

One of the best aspects of our dealership is the ability to do the majority of your truck shopping right here on our website. Our online sales team can help you out every step of the way as well. Whether you want to peruse through our inventory, plan out how to budget for your future truck, or want to get approved for credit, you can do it all easily and quickly right here on our site!

What a lot of people dislike about dealerships are the sales people. Often they are rude, pushy, and they don’t have the customer’s best interests in mind. We would like to assure you that you will not need to worry about that here at Trucks Only. Our sales team members are simply truck experts who will take your immediate needs into consideration whenever they make a recommendation for you.

It may seem a little informal to welcome you to our dealership via the website. But, with so many vehicle consumers looking online these days, we thought it appropriate. The Engine5 Responsive family welcomes you to our site – and our dealership!

In fact, our sales team members and our entire dealership have done so well at serving customers here in Arizona and around the world that we received a DealerRater Customer Satisfaction Award. These are only given to dealerships who prove that they truly care about their customers and getting them the vehicles that they want. We do not take this award lightly and will strive to outperform ourselves in the coming years.

Finally, when you purchase a pre-owned truck from us here at Trucks Only, you will be getting an exemplary warranty. Most of the trucks purchased here receive an exclusive lifetime engine warranty. However, we are doubtful that you will ever have to actually take advantage of it since we inspect our trucks closely upon arrival to make sure that there are absolutely no problems with them.

If you are looking to have your truck lifted or would like to purchase accessories for it, we can also be a great source of help. We carry a wide selection of different options, and are able to get ahold of basically any truck accessory on the market today. Get in touch with one of our sales team members to have any additional questions answered.


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Our mission is to pair the right person with the right car and to exceed expectations in customer service.